Natural Ways to Stop Pain During Period

I will share with you some natural remedies to help treat perio cramping when it is happening, but also remedies and mind/body practices to consider long term to help relieve your menstrual cramp pain forever!

Nutritional Considerations First!
That’s right, getting adequate nutrition every day should be top priority! Considering that Dysmenorrhea is an inflammatory state in the body, it is important to avoid foods that increase inflammation response. High glycemic foods are known to increase levels of inflammatory chemicals in the body, including PGF2. When looked at holistically both doctors, naturopaths and herbalists agree that an anti-inflammatory diet is important.

Avoid refined carbohydrates. Stick to whole grains like oats, millet, brown rice, quinoa, ect. Eat only 3 servings of grains at most a day.
Eliminate sugary foods and processed sugar. Choose very limited amounts of honey or agave. Choose Stevia as a sweetner when possible.

Consider eliminating dairy. Dairy products are congesting to the body and many doctors have seen a reduction in menstrual cramp pain in women who eliminated dairy products. If you choose dairy, try to purchase organic or organic raw dairy only to avoid added hormones.

Reduce red meat and egg yolk consumption to at most 2-3 times a week. This is because both red meat and egg yolk are high in arachidonic acid (AA). This has been found to increase cellular inflammation in some people. To find out if you are senstive to AA, eliminate red meat and egg yolk for a month. Reintroduce it and see if your symptoms come back. Choose organic free range meats and eggs when possible to avoid added hormones.

Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Important Nutritional Supplements

Whole Food Multivitamin
Be sure to take a good whole food prenatal multivitamin. This will help you to maintain adequate nutrition. Many of do not consume enough fresh foods because of our food system, therefore our nutritional levels are lacking what our bodies need each day to function properly.
Vitamin A
Be sure to get enough Vit. A through a natural whole food source (cod liver oil) or beta-carotein (carrots). This will help to keep estrogen levels regulated.

Magnesium helps to relax smooth muscle tissue. It has been shown to reduce menstrual cramping greatly. Magnesium deficiency is a leading cause of menstrual cramps.

Omega 6
Are you getting enough Omega-6 fatty acid? Both Borage oil and Evening Primrose Oil are high in Omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 fats can assist fertility by improving reproductive cell structure, decrease risk of inflammation and improve the condition of organs in the body. Borage and EPO tone the uterus. Honestly it is best to take a complete essential fatty acid supplement. This will help you to get a wide variety of EFA’s!